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Documents Required

 Customs Form DA 302 and P.1.160
 Original Passport (including page with Entry Stamp)
 Detailed inventory for attestation
 Permanent residence documents / Temporary Residence Permit and Work Permit
 Affidavit (stating reason for arrival in to South Africa)
 Original Bill of Lading (OBL) / Air Waybill (AWB)  Diplomatic Clearance (Diplomats)  Certificate from Embassy, signed by South African Department of Foreign Affairs (Diplomats)

Specific Information

 The shipper must be present for Customs clearance.
 The shipper must possess required documents and forward a copy to agent prior to import.
 The shipment of household items, new furniture, and precious metal objects are treated as a commercial import and subject to the payment of full duties.
 The following household goods may be imported duty free if meeting the following requirements:
o Works of art forming a part of a bona fide household shipment or are over 100 years old.
o The articles have been in the use and possession for more than 12 months and are not for sale or other disposal.
 Returning residents must have been abroad for a period of at least 6 consecutive months.
 Diplomats may import items duty free.

Motor Vehicles Import to South Africa

Documents Required
Automobiles / Motorcycles
 Customs Form DA 304/A
 Vehicle Registration
 Document showing that vehicle has been in the owner’s use and possessions abroad for more than 1 year before the importation of the vehicle (e.g., original Purchase Invoice, Insurance Certificate, etc.).
 Import Permit
 Letter of Authority (LOA) issued by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) in Pretoria (must be submitted at the time of clearance)

Mopeds / Power-Driven Boats with Inboard Engines

 Document showing that vehicle has been in owner’s use and possession abroad for more than 1 year prior to importation of the vehicle (original Purchase Invoice, Insurance Certificate, etc.)
 Import Permit
 LOA / SABS in Pretoria

Caravans / Trailers

 Import Permit
 LOA / SABS in Pretoria

B. Specific Information

 Only left-hand drive motor vehicles purchased after January 1, 2000, can be imported.
 The transferee must be in possession of the Import Permit and LOA prior to the arrival of any
motor vehicles, motorbikes, motor scooters, or motorcycles (anything motorized); delays
related to the permit may result in demurrage charges.
 The shipper must be in the country at least 10 business days prior to arrival of an ocean
 A faxed copy of the LOA and the Import Permit must be received by the agent to avoid a
delay of Customs clearance.
 Motorized vehicles should not be shipped until transferee has proven possession of all
required documents to Customs and has received written permission for import.
 Temporary residents must pay in cash.
 Vehicles cannot be sold for at least 2 years after the date of importation.
 The rate of value added tax (VAT) is assessed on the import value of the vehicle.
 A fee of R1800.00 per vehicle, payable to the SABS is required.
 Incomplete or missing documents may result in the detainment or destruction of the shipment.
 Returning residents must pay full duties and taxes.
 Temporary residents must provide a Customs bond to cover full duties and taxes and do not
need an Import Permit. A refund may be possible at the time of export; contact agent for
 Foreign Diplomats pay no duties or taxes, subject to provisions of the Diplomatic Clearance
Certificate, and proof of value.


 Items are subject to the payment of duties.
 Local currency of over $10,000; gold coins, coin and stamp collections and unprocessed gold
must be declared.
 Endangered species of plants or wildlife, alive or dead, including parts and articles made from
them (require CITES Permit)
 Animal and animal byproducts
 Medicines for personal use (note from physician and prescription required)
 Cigarettes (200), cigars (20), tobacco (250 g)
 Perfume (50 ml)
 Eau de toilette (250 ml)

 Wine / Liquor / Alcohol
o Import Permit and Liquor Removal Certificate required.
o Items subject to payment of duties.
o Documentation requirements must be met prior to the arrival of the shipment.
 Dangerous Goods / Firearms
o Import Permit and South African Police Firearm Registrar Certificate SAP 312 are

Note: Travelers may be asked to pay deposit on expensive items like laptops, which is refunded at
re-exported. Returning residents are advised to register personal items (jewelry, watches, cameras,
laptops, etc.) before leaving the country to avoid paying duty on these items upon re-importation.


 Narcotics
 Illegal drugs
 Plants and vegetable products
 Pornographic books and magazines
 Walkie-talkies and radios (may include other prohibited communication devices)
 Animal products (certain feathers, furs, skins, tusks, or animals identified under protected
specifies regulations)

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