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All returning Pakistani Nationals who have lived abroad for 2 years or more are eligible for claiming Transfer of Residence Concessions, under T/R Concessions. All “Used Household Goods” like Furniture, Crockery, Kitchenware, Clothing etc are released Duty Free by Local Customs, however Duty/Taxes are applicable on all Electrical Appliances whether used or new.

120 Days Short Visits to Pakistan: Consignees claiming Transfer of Residence must be fully aware that T/R facility is only offered to Pakistanis who have stayed abroad for 2 years or more and during their last 2 years their total visits/stays in Pakistan do not exceed 120 Days. If their total duration of stay exceeds 120 days, they would not be eligible for claiming T/R on their HHG. Subsequently, all HHG would be subject to Customs Duty.

Passport must show Travel Records of the last TWO years To/From Pakistan.

In case of New/Fresh Passport, Old Passport Must also be attached.

15 Days Shipment Deadline: all HHG shipments must be shipped from Origin Port/Airport within 15 Days of arrival of Passenger/Consignee in Pakistan. For e.g. if the Consignee returns back to Pakistan on 1st January, their shipment should be shipped from Origin Port/Airport prior to 15th January & this must reflect in their Bill of Lading /AWB.


If a person possesses any other country’s nationality/Passport but also has a Pakistani ID Card or a NICOP, he/she can also claim Transfer of Residence Allowances provided he/she fulfills all above Transfer of Residence / TR requirements. Further he/she must also present his/her Original Passport (Any Country/ Not necessarily a Pakistani Passport) & that Passport should contain his/her travel record of the past two years To/Fm Pakistan. If the client has a Fresh Passport, he/she must also attach his/her Old Passport. Further if the Customer also has a Pakistani Passport on which he/she has Pakistan Airport Arrival or Departure Stamps of Last Two Years, he/she will also be required to Attach that Original Pakistani Passport along with other Passport. 
Pakistani Passport will NOT be required if No Pakistan Arrival or Departure Stamp is fixed. Customer can also call us for Further Clarifications prior to shipment & we will advise him/her with the complete procedure at this end. Required Documents are listed below.


  1. Original Passport (Consignee must be in Pakistan at the time of arrival of shipment)
  2. Packing List
  3. Original OR Express Bill of Lading
  4. Authority Letter from Consignee

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